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Salad Fork Ranch Livestock and Animals

There are a lot of animals which hang around the Ranch.

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Here are some images of the animals at Salad Fork Ranch which are not pigs;

We have found that certain livestock can be managed to provide a return on investment, and assist with facets of land or animal management.
Some examples of these valuable livestock are listed below:

  • Goats: Pygmy goats can assist with land managment. They will eat enough grass to feed themselves for 8 months out of the year, and at the same time, they leave enough grass to help prevent erosion and to prevetn turning a pasture into a mud bog.

    The goats are also very curious, and will find weaknesses in your fencing very quickly. When they do get out of a fence line, they generally stay in the area. We use 2 goats per acre, and usually have two females or males, and not a mating pair.

  • Chickens: Chickens can provide a homestead in many ways. At a simple level, they eat bugs and can be effective at pest control for a small garden.

    If you capture the chicken droppings, you have a fantastic fertilizer.
    Chickens also lay eggs.
    There are many ways to benefit from having chickens.

  • Ducks: Ducks can be useful when you have swine. They eat more bugs than most other fowl and birds, and certain species, like the Fawn Runner and Indian Runner, lay so many eggs that you can supplement a good portion of your swine diet with the duck eggs from only two or three ducks.


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