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These pictures and notes are about Penny and Nickel, our prized Hampshire Hogs.

  This is Penny

Penny the Hog

Penny is an 18-month old sow. She loves to be with Al and Daphne, and even expects a hug now and then.

Penny the Hog

Here are some images of Nickel
Nickel the Hog

Nick is a one-year old boar. Someday he will likely be an aggressive and subborn adult, but for now he is playful and loves people.
Its funny to see a 360 pound hog playing with dog houses and iron bathtubs, but Nick just loves his little toys.

Nickel the Hog

Check here to see Penny's piglets!

Check here to read about the Saga of Little Chet:
    One of Pennys piglets in peril.


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