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You can help us save more livestock!


Every time some kind person donates to our animal sanctuary we can go out and save at least one more animal.

This means that someone like you can help us rescue some poor animal from an uncertain fate.

Please donate some materials or feed to Salad Fork Ranch so that we can go out and help another animal.
Most of the time when someone contacts Salad Fork Ranch to save some livestock, the poor animals are nearly starved, homeless, and usually in need of medical care.
We take any livestock in need of a home and bring them to the ranch to be properly cared for and loved.
All the animals we rescue are not put up for adoption or euthanized.
At Salad Fork Ranch we believe that the animals need a permanent home where they will not have to be further mistreated or malnurished.

Did you know that the donation of 100-feet of fencing materials will make a permanent home for three pigs goats or sheep?

If you donate 150 pounds of feed we can take care of multiple animals for an entire month!

With $20 of lumber we can make a shelter to house up to 4 animals!

We are always in need of supplies to help us care for the unwanted animals, and here is a list of things which help the animals the most:

  • Cattle or Hog Fence panels
  • Electric Fence chargers
  • T-Post
  • Hay bales
  • Animal feed - Pig, Ruminant, Fowl
  • Barbed Wire
  • Pipe
  • Wood boards and/or panels
  • Rebar
  • Heavy Duty bowls, feeders, tubs, or barrels
  • Concrete mix
Your donation is not required to be in new condition.
The best way to donate to Salad Fork Ranch is to contact us at: webmail@saladforkranch.com via email.

Please help us help the animals which need it the most!

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