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The saga of Little Chet

Chapter 1: A cut above the rest

When only 3 days old, Little Chet found himself already within reach of death's cold grip.

But he got better.

Little Chet is one of Penny's baby piglets. When he was three days old, something made contact with his skin and created a large laceration on one side.
Just moments after getting him from the pen with his siblings, this is how Chet looked:

At first we thought it looked pretty bad.

We called the vet on a Saturday and asked him to help us. He came out and told us to keep the wound clean, provide anibiotics, and a few other things which have been working well so far.

Here is another picture of Little Chet the first day:

Since we have to keep Little Chet out of the mud, and since his Mommy will not be too happy to have a baby which has been handled by humans, we have had to raise Little Chet ourselves. Here we are bottle-feeding the little guy:

The vet did not recommend stitches as they would not be necessary. A vet book we have concurs and we have just taken care of the wound, and kept Little Chet fed, warm, and having as much fun as a piglet can.

Here is Chet after a week. He loves to play and run about, and only has to sleep in his box at night:

Tune in next week for another Chapter in the Saga of Little Chet!

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