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Salad Fork Ranch Animal Adoption and Rescue

Salad Fork Ranch is is proud to be involved in animal rescue and adoption.


We have been busy working with other adoption and rescue organizations to provide permanent homes for animals and livestock which have been abandoned, or mistreated.

Here are some notes and pictures from our rescues and adoptions:

We were surprised to find that many animals and livestock are not kept in proper facilities. There is also a tendency on the part of some farm and ranch managers to let breeding activity get out of hand. The result is that facilites quickly reach a point where they can't handle the number of animals they have, and they start to off-load the animals using any means possible.
Sometimes the animals are dumped or abandoned. But many times, the animals are just ignored and allowed to inbreed causing stunted growth, multiple health problems, and a poor quality of life.

There are many people who help abused animals.
Just as surprising as the number of abused animals, is the number of people that are trying to help them.
You may not know it, but most states have many animal rescue and adoption centers and animal sanctuaries.
Even if you cannot help us here at Salad Fork Ranch, we would like to encourage you to seek out a local animal rescue center and make donations of your time, money, or supplies. These people provide love and valuable services by helping the unwanted animals, and they get little thanks or support from anyone.

You can help animal rescue Contact an animal rescue organization in your area. Many smaller organizations rescue specific types of animals, and generally have less resources and greater need. You do not have to give them money, though it is always appreciated, but you can donate feed, building materials, machinery, and even labor to help the organization. Every little bit helps.

Here are some notes and pictures from our rescues and adoptions:  

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