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This series of photos and notes is from one of our rescues in October 2002


We were contacted by someone who lived next door to an abandoned home.

It seems that the home owner had a fire which burned down his house, and he just left the area and his two potbellied pigs.
The person that contacted us had worked with other neighbors to keep the animals fed and cared for.
We were extremely happy to see the animals in perfect health and well-fed when we came to rescue them.
The neighbors made a difference and saved the pigs from starvation or an county animal shelter.

Here are the two little guys we picked up:

This is Porky:

Porky is a male between 5 and 10 years old. Porky is not afraid of people, but he seems to like to have a 3-foot perimiter from all living things.

Picture of Porky

Porky is also very smart, and has figured out cleaver ways to get under our fences.
Fortunately, Porky likes to hang around the porch, which means he sometimes breaks into a fenced area.
Picture of Porky

This is Popeye:

Picture of Popeye

Popeye is also a male somewhere between 5 and 10, but we believe he is older than Porky.

Picture of Popeye

Its rare when you do not see the two of them together. They do not even like to be with the other potbellied pigs.

Picture of Popeye

Oddly, Popeye is larger than Porky, and we have to remember that the 'porky' pig is named Popeye.
Note that the two pigs are very close friends. They spend all their days together, and are nearly inseparable.

Picture of Popeye and Porky


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