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This series of photos and notes is from one of our rescues in April 2002


A rescue organization contacted Salad Fork Ranch about a large number of potbellied pigs which were kept in poor conditions and allowed to inbreed.

The organization was top-notch, and got volunteers to drive the animals across to U.S to various other animal rescue centers.
Salad Fork Ranch received three of the juvenile potbellied pigs.
Our daughter has named the pigs Piglet, Pumba, and Gus.

These are the three babies:

Piglet, Pumba, and Gus checking to see if we have food:

Piglet, the smallest of the ligs, loves people and is curious about everything. We guess that Piglet is about 6 to 8 months old.

Here is a picture of Piglet:

Picture of Piglet

This is Pumba:

Picture of Pumba
Pumba is also around 8 months old. He is very weary of people.

This is Gus:

Picture of Gus
Gus keeps to himself, and trys to bully all the other animals around. The animals mostly ignore Gus, but in his small pig mind Gus thinks he is the top of the food chain.


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