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This series of photos and notes is from one of our rescues in May 2002


Salad Fork Ranch was contacted by someone with three potbellied pigs. In May we loaded up the trailer and went to their home to pick them up.

It turns out these pigs are quite old, so we started referring to the group as the elders.

These are the three elders:

This is Peanut:

Picture of Peanut
He is a 10-year old male. He's in very good shape and can eat remarkably fast for his age.

Picture of Peanut
Picture of Peanut
Peanut is very kind and allows people to pet him. He especially loves to have his tummy rubbed!

This is Hamlet:

Picture of Hamlet

Hamlet is 10-years old. He is very cautious of adults but seems to love children.

This is Bakkyn:

Picture of Bakkin
He is our superstar.
Bakkyn eats slowly, so we hang out with him to keep the other pigs away until he is done.

Bakkyn is nice to everyone - unless he is eating, then he just wants you to keep the other animals away!

The people who owned the elders were moving to another state and could not take the animals with them. They were responsible and undertook a long search for a good home to place the animals before having to move. We were lucky to be chosen to adopt the animals, and they will stay with us for however long they continue to go.

This is Robert:

He was at the house where the pigs were. Robert is a very good pig handler and made the job of getting the animals into the trailer much easier.

This is the new Porcine Transfer trailer (Hog hauler) which we used for this resue:


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